CVMA New Racer School 

Are you ready to race?

Have you been doing track days for a while and have progressed into the fast group? Ready to see how fast you REALLY are and go racing? It’s time to promote yourself from track rider to RACER!

The New Racer School is for track day riders who want to go to the next level and begin racing with CVMA!

New Racer Schools are held on the Friday before each round. Riders will be on track in the Racer 2 Practice session and will receive classroom instruction. At the end of the day, they will participate in a mock race.

If you pass you get your racing license and can race the next day with CVMA! 

The school costs $225 but includes an $75 discount on your CVMA license. If, for some reason, the rider does not pass the NRS class on Friday, they will receive a $75 credit toward their future race license.

CVMA Race Licenses are recognized by most other clubs across the U.S.

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