CVMA Licensing


In order to race with CVMA, you will need a license.

New Racers

If you have never raced before, start by taking our New Racer School. For more information and to get signed up Start Here.


If you are looking to renew your license, fill out the forms here. You will need to download and sign the General Waiver to upload and complete the license process.

New Members

If you have raced with another organization and want to get a full membership with CVMA, fill out the forms here. You will need to download and sign the General Waiver to upload and complete the license process.

Reciprocity Racers

CVMA offers 3 free reciprocity rounds per season to racers from other organizations who have never held a full CVMA license. Reciprocity racer points do not count towards any championships. If a reciprocity racer chooses to purchase a full annual license, then all points accumulated will apply to all applicable championships for that season.

If you are a licensed motorcycle road racer with another club, you merely have to fill out the license forms here, choose a Reciprocity License and indicate where you have raced in the past. Upon review, your Reciprocity License will be approved on a round-by-round basis.


Race License: $175/Season
Standard Race Entry: $70/race
Shootout Race Entry: $100/race
Registration fee: $50/weekend
Friday Racer Practice: $160

Know the Rules

Download, print and familiarize yourself with the Rulebook – ignorance of its provisions does not excuse violations.