2022-23 | Round 3

Round 3 of the CVMA 2022/2023 Winter Series kicked off under overcast skies, cool weather and a fast race track. On Friday, a group of five riders graduated from the new racer school and received their CVMA license. CVMA changed the schedule for this round. Saturday morning featured two qualifying sessions instead of one practice session and one qualifying session. This gave riders a second shot to set their gird position with a fast lap. The change had the added benefit of saving some time in a busy Saturday race schedule — important during the short winter daylight hours.

On Friday, a group of five riders graduated from the new racer school and received their CVMA license.

During qualifying on Saturday, Owen Williams was the fastest on an Ultra Lightweight bike, turning a 1:54.436 lap time. Justin Bordonaro went quickest on a Lightweight class bike with a 1:52.536.Torin Collins set the  Middleweight bike benchmark with a 1:48.738. And, fastest of all, was Corey Alexander with a 1:44.785 Lap time on an Open class bike.


Quinn Swift broke the lap record in the Formula 40 Ultra Lightweight class with a 1:56.524. Other standouts on Saturday included Owen Williams winning three races riding both Middleweight and Ultra Lightweight bikes. Justin Bordonaro, David Anthony, and Nayden Balladares all won two races each.


On Sunday, the premier race of the day started under sunny skies and exceptionally warm weather. In the Stock 1000 Shootout, David “Aussie Dave” Anthony got the holeshot followed by Corey Alexander and “The Prince” Bryce Prince. At the start of lap three, Alexander was able to out-drive Anthony coming out of the last turn and make a pass for the lead at the end of the front straight entering the first corner. Anthony retook the lead on lap five. The two ran nose to tail for the remainder of the race but Alexander was never able to challenge for the lead again. The final result was Anthony for the win, Alexander in second, and Prince in third.

In the Formula Lightweight Twins Shootout, Cody Wyman was first into turn 17 followed by Justin Bordonaro and Jonathan “Crafty” Glaefke. Unfortunately, the race was red-flagged on the first lap. At the restart, Glaefke got the holeshot but was quickly passed by Wyman. Bordonaro slotted into second. The running order at the end of the first lap Wyman, Bordonaro, and Galefke. Bordonaro Wyman onto the front straight to make a pass for the lead on lap four. Unfortunately, Bordonaro crashed in turn 9 “Crash Corner” a short time later, handing it back to Wyman. The final result was Wyman first followed by Glaefke and then Gio Alvarez. As a consolation, Bordonaro set a new lap record for the class turning a 1:50.662 lap time.

The Formula Ultra Lightweight Shootout started with Quinn Swift getting the holeshot. By the end of the first lap, Kreece Elliott had taken the lead with Owen Williams and Swift following. Williams took the lead on lap two and proceeded to check out. Swift made the pass for second on lap four and that set the finishing order. Williams took the win with Swift in second and Elliott rounding out the podium.

In the Supersport Middleweight Shootout,  David Kohlstaedt took the lead at the beginning and was never challenged.  Torin Collins, returning to race with CVMA after a long absence, ran a lonely second place the entire race.  Behind Collins, a battle for the final spot on the podium raged between Jeff “The Tiger” Tigert and Owen Williams. Tigert ran the first 5 laps in front of Williams. Toward the end of the fifth lap, Williams made a brave pass for third position entering turn three on the brakes. Williams and Tigert ran nose to tail for the remainder of the race, but Tigert was unable to find a way past Williams. The final result was Kohlstaedt for the win, Collins second, and Williams third.

Full race results can be found on MYLAPS:  https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Events/2078895

The next round will be the weekend of Jan 21-22 2023

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CVMA offers free reciprocity as a means of encouraging racers from other clubs to come out and compete. CVMA also offers a New Racers School for those starting out in racing on the Friday prior to each race weekend. Log on to www.cvmaracing.com to sign up or for more information.

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*Note: when running the course counter clockwise the corner numbers are referred to as they are when running clockwise.