We’re motorcycle racers.
CVMA Management have raced and ridden motorcycles on the track for years. Now, CVMA is the premier Club Racing Series in the USA, with it’s home at Chuckwalla Raceway in Southern California.

"With so many clubs struggling, it is nice to celebrate some successes. Congratulations to you and all of CVMA for the outstanding turnout and great weekend of racing...You have created such a unique environment. What I thought would be a weakness (not having places to stay and/or eat nearby) resulted in bringing people together and a camaraderie that is unrivaled. Great job!"
Bob Aguilar
Racer Dad - Jason Aguilar CVMA#96 -

"We will forever miss you Jason." - CMVA

CVMA is club racing Done Right.  We have racers from all over North America make the trip, leave their rigs at the track, and race with us all winter.

The Chuckwalla Valley Motorcycle Association offers an easy-to-understand rulebook and class structure. You won’t need a lawyer to figure out what you can and can’t do to your race motorcycle or what classes to race it in. No headaches, no hassles, just Racing.

CVMA offers two full days of racing every race weekend including Saturday qualifying for grid position in all classes, amateur and expert, as well as a wide variety of classes to choose from. So no matter if you race with CVMA all the time or it is your first time out, you won’t get stuck at the back of the grid if you are fast enough to be up front. 

CVMA also gives you more of what you come to the race track for – racing. After a brief morning warmup, racing starts on Saturday morning and continues through Sunday. You didn’t come to the track to burn up tires and race gas practicing; you came to race. CVMA gives you racing.

The 2.68-mile track is the newest in Southern California and was designed by renowned track designer Ed Bargy. The track is wide, smooth, and features vast runoff areas, and it can be run in both directions. Safety is a primary concern, and the track was designed with motorcycle racing as a primary function, not an afterthought. And CVMA is committed to ensuring that adequate medical crews are on hand for racers and spectators alike.