At CVMA, we race Saturday and Sunday. Saturday starts with two short practice sessions and then qualifying. Weekend Schedules [race and practice order] will be posted several weeks before the round. There will be two CVMA practice sessions on Friday run in conjunction with a track day hosted by Apex Assassins. Register for Friday practices online when you sign up for races. 

ALL schedules are subject to change. Provisional schedules DO NOT currently include Sidecars or other race organizations that could be included in an event. 

Live Timing:

During most race weekends, live timing can be seen here.

Register for Races and Friday Practice

Click the button below to register for races and to sign up for the racer-only practices groups on Friday. Reciprocity racers who wish to attend the racer-only groups should contact

2022-2023 Winter Series

R1Sept 24-25, 2022 [Double Points]CCWSchedule Grids  Results 
R2Oct 29-30, 2022CWSchedule Grids  Results 
R3Dec 3-4, 2022CCWSchedule Grids  Results 
R4Jan 21-22, 2023CWSchedule Grids  Results 
R5Feb 25-26, 2023CCWScheduleGrids Results
R6Mar 25-26, 2023CWScheduleGrids Results
R7Apr 15-16, 2023 [Double Points]CCWScheduleGrids Results

2023-2024 Winter Series

R1Oct 7-8, 2023 [Double Points]CWScheduleGrids  Results 
R2Nov 18-19, 2023CCWSchedule Grids  Results 
R3Dec 16-17, 2023CWSchedule Grids  Results 
R4Jan TBD, 2024CCWSchedule Grids  Results 
R5Feb TBD, 2024CWScheduleGrids Results
R6Mar TBD, 2024CCWScheduleGrids Results
R7Apr TBD, 2024 [Double Points]CWScheduleGrids Results

2023-2024 Winter Series [Tentative]

R1Oct 7-8, 2023 [Double Points]CW
R2Nov 18-19, 2023 CCW
R3Dec 16-17, 2023 CW 
R4Jan TBD, 2024CCW 
R5Feb TBD, 2024CW 
R6Mar TBD, 2024CCW
R7Apr TBD, 2024 [Double Points]CW 

2021-2022 Winter Series

All Race Day Schedules are provisional and are subject to change

R1Sept 25-26, 2021 [Double Points]CWSchedule
R2Oct 30-31, 2021CCWSchedule
R3Dec 11-12, 2021CWSchedule
R4Jan 15-16, 2022CCWSchedule
R5Feb 26-27, 2022CWSchedule
R6Mar 26-27, 2022CCWSchedule 
R7Apr 16-17, 2022 [Double Points]CWSchedule 

2020-2021 Winter Series

R1 Sept 26-27, 2020 CCW Schedule
R2 Oct 24-25, 2020 CW Schedule
R3 Dec 5-6, 2020 CCW Schedule
R4 Jan 30-31, 2021 CW Schedule
R5 Feb 27-28, 2021 CCW Schedule
R6 Mar 27-28, 2021 CW Schedule  
R7 Apr 17-18, 2021 CCW Schedule  

2019-2020 Winter Series

R1Sept 28-29, 2019CWSchedule
R2Oct 26-27, 2019CCWSchedule
R3Nov 16-17, 2019CWSchedule
R4Jan 18-19, 2020CCWSchedule
R5Feb 22-23, 2020CWSchedule
R6Mar 28-29, 2020CCWCANCELLED 
R7May 30-31, 2020CCWSchedule