Reciprocity Racers

CVMA offers 3 free reciprocity rounds per season to racers from other organizations who have never held a full CVMA license. Reciprocity racer points do not count towards any championships. If a reciprocity racer chooses to purchase a full annual license, then all points accumulated will apply to all applicable championships for that season.

Here’s the process for reciprocity racers to sign up:

  1. Go to Forms & Rules and download, fill out and sign the forms (Membership application, Medical Release, General Waiver and Flag Release.  Don’t worry about choosing a number, reciprocity racers will run their home club number (whatever is on their bike) with an X appended
  2. Complete the entry form including all the races to be entered as well as desired Friday practice group (if attending practice and assuming space is available at the time)
  3. Email completed forms along with a copy of current race license and payment to