Frequently Asked Questions

Asked Questions


Why Chuckwalla Valley Raceway?

New tracks incorporate the latest technology, designs and features. Ed Bargy is a well-known track designer who races motorcycles and teaches riding schools; he knows what a motorcycle race track should feature. The layout is smooth, flowing and fun, with massive amounts of runoff, ability to be run either direction, and generates excellent racing.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

An annual license costs $120. Your first race entry gets you a single race and all the practice sessions on that morning. So if you come out just for a race on Saturday, you get three practice sessions in the morning and a race for $100. If you enter a race on Saturday and a race on Sunday, you get three practice sessions on Saturday, two sessions on Sunday, a race on Saturday and a race on Sunday  all for $150.

Why Race On Saturdays?

We’re here to race! Most club racers won’t need an entire day every weekend to tune and test. And you learn things in a race that you cannot learn anywhere else. Camping at the track is always fun; come out on Saturday and make a weekend of it.