CVMA Road Crew

CVMA is a winter series. This leaves us with plenty of time over the summer to have fun. The CVMA Road Crew is a group of CVMA racers that travel to other clubs to spread what we love about CVMA: Great competition and an amazing community.

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What's In It For You?

Ummmm... Racing? Fun?
But seriously, these trips can be difficult and expensive. Our hope is that the Road Crew creates opportunities for folks to connect and share the cost of travel and lodging. Connect through the CVMA Road Crew facebook Group to find road buddies.

Oh, and, swag. We will have cool CVMA swag for each round.

Road Rules

  1. No Flakery! Seriously. Don’t commit to going with a group unless you are 100%. If you flake you may be forced to wear the CVMA Flake shirt.


  2. Good[ish] Behavior! We will be ambassadors of the club and need to put our best foot forward. This doesn’t mean “don’t have fun” but ... well, we are pretty sure you know what it means.